Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose my office location? 

Once you are in your cart, you must choose an office location before proceeding to check out. If you work remotely, the store coordinator at your nearest office will coordinate distributing your items to you. Once you click checkout, you must enter your billing address for the order to process, even if you are using a gift card. 

Where do I enter my gift card code?

The gift card code can be entered in the designated field on the right side of the page under your cart information. If your gift card balance exceeds the total for your order, you will not be prompted to enter your credit card. However, if your order total exceeds the balance on your gift card, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information. If your order total is less than the balance on your gift card, you may spend the rest of your gift card at anytime before its expiration date. If you need help checking your balance, email


How do I receive my order?

All orders will be shipped to each office and distributed by the store coordinator:

AZ- Brian Mueller

TX- Annie Hanson

PA - Laura Hopper 

You will receive an email confirmation when your order ships to your office! If you have questions about your order's status, email



If you have any further questions or need assistance, email